September 02, 2020 Release

We have some exciting changes in this release. First of all, we now have nightly builds! Thanks to @mischnic, we now release our packages whenever we merge to main under a “nightly” tag on npm. This means you don’t have to wait for our normal release cycle to get a preview of what we are up to.

In this release we also worked on adding support for server side rendering. This has been one of the top requests we've received from a number of teams who would like to use React Spectrum and React Aria with popular frameworks such as Gatsby and Next.js. For more details on SSR, check out our guides for React Spectrum and React Aria.

As always, a huge thank you to all our contributors for the new features, fixes and updates.

New components#

New features#

Bug fixes#


Released packages#

 - @adobe/react-spectrum@3.3.0
 - @react-aria/checkbox@3.2.0
 - @react-aria/focus@3.2.1
 - @react-aria/i18n@3.1.1
 - @react-aria/link@3.1.1
 - @react-aria/overlays@3.3.0
 - @react-aria/radio@3.1.1
 - @react-aria/slider@3.0.0-alpha.1
 - @react-aria/ssr@3.0.0
 - @react-aria/utils@3.2.1
 - @react-aria/virtualizer@3.1.2
 - @react-spectrum/breadcrumbs@3.1.2
 - @react-spectrum/buttongroup@3.1.1
 - @react-spectrum/checkbox@3.2.0
 - @react-spectrum/dialog@3.2.1
 - @react-spectrum/layout@3.1.2
 - @react-spectrum/menu@3.2.0
 - @react-spectrum/overlays@3.2.1
 - @react-spectrum/picker@3.2.0
 - @react-spectrum/tabs@3.0.0-alpha.1
 - @react-spectrum/textfield@3.1.2
 - @react-spectrum/utils@3.2.1
 - @react-stately/checkbox@3.0.0
 - @react-stately/radio@3.2.0
 - @react-stately/slider@3.0.0-alpha.1
 - @react-stately/virtualizer@3.1.1
 - @react-types/checkbox@3.2.0