December 22, 2020 Release

For our last release of the year, we are pushing Slider out of alpha! This component has been a combined effort from several external contributors and the core team over the last few months. It features support for mouse, touch, and keyboard in both Slider and RangeSlider as well as many other features and options. You can read about them in our Slider, RangeSlider and useSlider docs. A special thanks to @mischnic and @chungwu for their contributions to this work.

From the whole team, be safe and we will see you next year!

New component#

  • Slider
    • @react-spectrum/slider
    • @react-aria/slider
    • @react-stately/slider


Released packages#

 - @adobe/react-spectrum@3.7.0
 - @react-aria/breadcrumbs@3.1.2
 - @react-aria/slider@3.0.0
 - @react-aria/utils@3.5.0
 - @react-spectrum/slider@3.0.0
 - @react-stately/slider@3.0.0
 - @react-types/breadcrumbs@3.2.0
 - @react-types/slider@3.0.0
 - react-aria@3.3.0
 - react-stately@3.2.0