July 12, 2021 Release

After many months of research, development, and extensive testing across browsers, devices, and assistive technology, we’re excited to announce that the React Spectrum ComboBox component and React Aria useComboBox hook are now available! We’ve focused on the following areas to help you build quality autocomplete experiences.

  • Accessibility — Our ComboBox has been tested with screen readers across desktop and mobile devices, and with many different input methods including mouse, touch, and keyboard. We encountered many screen reader differences, and worked hard to ensure announcements are clear and consistent.
  • Mobile — On small screens, the React Spectrum ComboBox is automatically displayed in a tray, which improves the user experience by giving them a larger area to scroll. We also optimized our experience for touch screen interactions and on screen keyboards.
  • Asynchronous loading — Autocomplete suggestions can be loaded asynchronously, and large lists can be loaded on demand through infinite scrolling.
  • Customizability — React Aria hooks allow full control over the rendering and styling of your ComboBox component, while letting us take care of the behavioral complexities for you. Use our default filter or you can provide custom filtering for complete control.

New component#

  • ComboBox
    • @react-spectrum/combobox - Docs
    • @react-aria/combobox - Docs
    • @react-stately/combobox - Docs

Released packages#

- @adobe/react-spectrum@3.12.0
- @react-aria/aria-modal-polyfill@3.3.2
- @react-aria/combobox@3.0.0
- @react-aria/listbox@3.3.0
- @react-aria/overlays@3.7.1
- @react-aria/searchfield@3.1.4
- @react-aria/select@3.4.0
- @react-spectrum/combobox@3.0.0
- @react-spectrum/listbox@3.5.0
- @react-spectrum/picker@3.3.0
- @react-stately/combobox@3.0.0
- @react-types/combobox@3.0.0
- @react-types/listbox@3.2.0
- @react-types/select@3.3.0
- react-aria@3.8.0
- react-stately@3.7.0