Craft world-class accessible components with custom styles.

Over 40 components with built-in behavior, adaptive interactions, top-tier accessibility, and internationalization out of the box, ready for your styles.

Bring your own styles.

React Aria is style-free out of the box, allowing you to build custom designs to fit your application or design system using any styling and animation solution. Each component is broken down into individual parts with built-in states, render props, and slots that make styling a breeze.

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Advanced features for ambitious apps.

Make your web app feel native with rich interactions that adapt to the device, platform, and user. React Aria supports advanced features like accessible drag and drop, keyboard multi-selection, built-in form validation, table column resizing, and a ton more.

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High quality interactions on all devices.

React Aria ensures a great experience for users, no matter their device. All components are optimized for mouse, touch, keyboard, and screen reader interactions, with a meticulous attention to detail that makes your app feel responsive and natural on every platform.

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Accessibility that's truly first-class.

React Aria is designed with accessibility as a top priority, and battle tested in production applications. All components are built to work across a wide variety of devices and assistive technologies to ensure the best experience possible for all users.

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ARIA Semantics.

Components implement semantics and keyboard behavior according to the W3C ARIA Authoring Practices Guide. React Aria builds on this foundation with real-world testing and device support.

Mobile ready.

All behaviors work without a keyboard, ensuring touch screen reader users have full access. Additional features such as hidden dismiss buttons in dialogs enable a great experience for mobile users.

Tested. Like, really.

All components are extensively tested using many popular screen readers and devices. React Aria normalizes differing behavior between browsers and assistive technologies to ensure all users have equal access.

Ready for an international audience.

React Aria is engineered for internationalization out of the box, including translations in over 30 languages, localized date and number formatting and parsing, support for 13 calendar systems, 3 numbering systems, right-to-left layout, and more.

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Customizable to the max.

React Aria offers a flexible and scalable API that lets you dive as deep into the details as you like. Start with high-level components with a built-in DOM structure and simple styling API, compose custom patterns with contexts, and for the ultimate control, drop down to the low-level Hook-based API. Mix and match as needed.

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